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I/O Errors

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 25, 1998
Hi Iain,

Don't know your type of instrument, but had similair experience with
a very old spectrum analyser.
In my case it turned out that this analyser was very slow with
presenting replies on the GPIB. I had to set the timeout to a very
high value, and to rearange my command structure a little (the
structure was simple, as in your case).
Hope this helps you.

> Subject:       Vrf:I/O Errors

> What do I do to get rid of I/O errors? Error is #811, I/O error or timeout. I've extended the
> timeout to 10 seconds in the direct I/O properties.
> I'm using VEE 4.0, Win 95, P100 w/ 64M RAM
> I'm driving a Marconi 2955B Radio Communications Test Set with an IEEE 488 GPIB interface.
> When running a short application, I randomly get I/O errors. Sometimes its the first try, sometimes
> after the fifth try. Best case is restarting the application, worst is having to restart the
> computer and reseting the test set. This happens with all of the applications I have built. I don't
> think any of them are too complicated.
> Any help would be appreciated.
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