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vrf- Active X GPF's

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 14, 1998
Dear World,
     Has anyone encountered problems using the ActiveX control such as VB5
     causing a page-fault and closing VB5.  It looks like the call.ocx is
     causing the fault.  This has happened to me on two systems using VB5.0
     professional edition under 95 and NT4.0.
     start axdist
     I noted that when running 'start axdist' at least 6 of the files it
     tries to install are older than the one's I already have, so of course
     I keep the newer ones.  I hope that this is not part of the problem.
     Has anyone else has problems with VB5 closing down because of the
     call.ocx?  How did you solve the problem?
     Kind regards,
     PS If replying, please reply to my address at least.  I just signed
     back on and don't know how quickly the reflector will kick in.