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Global Variables

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 25, 1998
> Another beginner VEE question for the list:
> I've inherited a few programs that make extensive use of global
> variables (which I don't like) to move data from sub to sub.
> Now the question:
> How can I find all of the occurrences of ->variable and <-variable
> without crawling through the entire program?  _Please_ tell me I've
> missed a basic capability of VEE and it's all very easy to do
> (especially if it's true).

Hi Brent. I happen to really like globals, but certainly
won't quibble with your programming style.

In any case, I believe that you are looking for a basic FIND
like in any text editor.

Check out  EDIT  |  FIND

in the main menu. This should do what you need.


Stan Bischof