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Vrf - CPU hogs objects

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 16, 1998


        there is a problem with HP VEE and seems that is so deep,
that HP does not going to correct or fix it.
        The matter is in the CPU usage during HP VEE running program. If you
are using Delay or On Cycle oblects and it is running, then VEE takes ALL the
processor time from the operating system, that means that there is an endless
cycle in VEE kernel or schedular. If you look in the system monitor of Windows
you will see the process HP VEE trying to get all processor time while waiting
( i.e. doing nothing ). Taking that almost every DAQ program has these objects
operating constantly, then the consequences are:
        1) stopping programs with less priorities
        2) wrong operation of Windows schedular which cause slow operating
of other programs and slow reaction on events
        ... so, you cannot use HP VEE in multitasking enviorenment.
        14 January you wrote Greg Goebel wrote to Vrf:

>> >Some VEE objects are known to be CPU hogs (Delay, On Cycle).  The lab has
>> >been correcting some of these problems as they find the time to do it.  I
>> >will pass your message on to our Defect Tracking System to prod them again
>> >(we often get complaints about this issue).

        but HP does not going to pay attention on it. By the way, NI does not
have these problems.

        Regards to all
        Alex Studnev