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Screen dump

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 26, 1998 wrote:

>      I'm trying to incorporate a "screen dump" facility into a program,
>      which would save the VEE panel display to file.  I realise that the
>      user could press the print screen key at the appropriate moment then
>      paste into Word or whatever, but I want something more controllable
>      programmatically.
>      Does anybody know of a way to simulate a print screen key press from
>      within VEE?
>      Can the 'Print Screen' object print to file?
>      Any ideas?
>      I'm running VEE 3.12 on Windows 95.
>      Many thanks,
>      Warren Pickles
>      M/A-Com Eurotec

Sir:  No clean way to do this now, but we *MIGHT* have something
to do this in the next version.

[<>] regards -- greg goebel / hp