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VRF - Getting pos of x'th char ...

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 16, 1998
        If what you are trying to accomplish is to find a "field" within a
     string, you can send the string into a FROM STRING object and break it
     into an array of TOKENS with the exclude characters set to the field
     delimiters.  You then have a array of tokens and can operate on the
     appropriate position within that array as needed, ie ARRAY[2] is the
     element following the third ","
     Thomas Groleau
     Tucson, Arizona

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Subject: VRF - Getting pos of x'th char ...
Author:  James Atkin <James.Atkin@Phase.Com> at CCGATE
Date:    3/17/98 7:01 AM

Hi all,
I'm running Vee V4.01.
Is there a function to get the x'th character from a string, ie the 3rd comma ?