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82341D card problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 26, 1998
I have tried unsuccessfully to install a 82341D HPIB card on several 486 DX2
machines.  Vee4 is currently installed on the PC under win95.  when I put
the card in and boot up, w95 pnp finds the card and installs.  I run the HP
ioconfig utility and it finds the card and installs.  I check win95 control
panel/settings/system/hpib cards and it tells me the card is ok and there
are no conflicts.  So far so good.  Now I launch Vee4, run io/inst
manager/hpib-7/refresh and it finds the port and the hp437b power meter
connected to it.  This I configure with the right (hp437b.cid) driver and

Now comes the problem:  When I try and fetch the intrument in the panel
mode, I get a "Error occured during reset of intrument i/o error or timeout
at hpib interface 7".  I can increase the timeout to 60sec this doesn't
help.  I try several other instruments and cables with the same problem.  I
can install an 82340 card on this machine and it works first time. 

I assume the card is faulty and send it back to HP, where they test it, find
it OK and send it back to me.  What can I try next?????

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Graham Lambert
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