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vrf - instrument screen image capture

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 29, 1998

     Dear all,
     Many thanks for the helpful responses on this subject.  With your help
     I have succeeded in capturing screen images in one way or another for
     most of the instruments on my list.  It looks as though for one or two
     instruments (8753C, 8757E) it just isn't possible, although I haven't
     given up yet.
     Warren Pickles
     M/A-Com Eurotec

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Subject: vrf - instrument screen image capture
Author:  Warren Pickles at Eurotec
Date:    27/01/98 13:43

     Dear all,
     I'm trying to transfer the screen image from an instrument to a PC
     across the HP-IB.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  It
     isn't as easy as I thought it would be.
     The format I want is HPGL (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language).  I'm
     trying this for several instruments:
      HP8751A Network Analyser
      HP8753C Network Analyser
      HP8753D Network Analyser
      HP8757E Scalar Network Analyser
      HP8592L Spectrum Analyser
      HP4291A RF Impedance / Material Analyser
      HP4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyser
     So far I have only succeeded in the case of the 4155A, using the command
     With the 8753D, I send the "OUTPPLOT" command, which is supposed to
     give the screen image as an HPGL string, but what I get is not
     readable by PC applications (paint shop pro, microsoft word).
     The 8753C doesn't respond to the OUTPPLOT command.
     "PLOT" sort of worked with the 8592L, but the screen image did not
     include the trace, and the instrument front panel locked up
     Now, with any instrument that has a floppy drive, I can (probably)
     save the screen image to a file on floppy and manually carry the
     disk to the PC, then copy the file over.  But this is unfriendly to
     the user, and useless for those instruments without floppy drives.
     Any ideas?
     Many thanks,
     Warren Pickles
     M/A-Com Eurotec