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Q-factor of RZ data and HP 83480 analyser

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 30, 1998
Does anyone know if it is possible and if yes then how to make the
measurements of the Q-factor of RZ (Return-to-Zero)signals using HP
Communication analyzer? The device can not do it itself, only the NRZ

One possibility as I think is to use HP VEE to collect the data from the
analyzer and calculate the necessary Q-factor.

The problem is the speed of the data transfer.
Do you know the way to speed up the data exchange over HPIB?

Other possibility to read from analyzer only the main pulse
(eye-diagramm) parameters as
pulse amplitude and position of the pulse maximum (still do not know if
it is possible, because there is no special command on the device panel
to bring that
value on the screen), and then let the analyzer  make 2  histogramms -
for the pulse peak and base, read only mean and sigma values of these
and from the data obtained calculate the Q-factor.

Thanks for any comment or idea.

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