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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 1998 wrote:

>      Hi all,
>      First, I'd like to thank Greg Goebel for providing this new service to
>      the VEE community.  Remember what he said: if there aren't enough
>      interests, he'll cancel this version.  So I'm writing this to inform
>      and drum up support for VRF Digest.

Hahahahah ... hardly necessary.   Within two days I have almost
40 people on the list.

I got a few recommendations of software to automate the process.
Actually it wasn't until I realized it was trivial to do it manually
that I decided to do it.  Otherwise it turned into a system-administration
and software configuration process that I would never get around
to (and might turn into a quagmire).

[<>] gvg

>   1. ondig / <internet address / <name>     Get on VRF digest list
>      2. offdig / <internet address / <name>    Get off VRF digest list
>      3. chgdig / <internet address / <name>    Change to new VRF
>      digest addrress

Actually I changed this a bit on my services document:


I got to thinking there might be other digests in the future.

>      Keith Trinh
>      HP Santa Clara Division
>      ---I'm just another VEE programmer happened to work @ HP