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VISA libraries, VEE, NT, Natn'l Inst PCMIA, 34970a

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 2, 1998
Has anyone experienced this problem? And what could be the root cause?     
I am interfacing (HPIB) a HP34970a DAQ box to a HP OMNIBOOK running NT
4.0 and VEE 4.01 that uses a National Instruments PCMCIA card.  I can
use VEE 'direct I/O' to talk to the HP34970a with no problems.  I then
installed the HP supplied VXIplug&play driver and VISA library to take
advantage of the canned function calls to the device.  Based on the
readme text, it appears that the driver works with WinNT or Win95.          

          Exerp from read me file:
     HP 34970A Data Aquisition/Switch Unit
     Universal Instrument Driver (UID)
     Driver Revision A.00.00
     August 1997

Revision History
  A.00.00  August 1997  Initial Release.


1    Introduction

2    VTL/VISA Specific Information
2.1    Instrument Addresses
2.2    Language Specific Features

3    Using the HP 34970A UID in Application Development Environments
3.1    Microsoft Visual C/C++
3.2    Microsoft Visual Basic
3.3    LabWindows/CVI

4.0  Known Defects

5.0  Online Information


1.   Introduction

The help file included with the HP 34970A Universal Instrument Driver
instrument and programming information. This readme file contains
information concerning the driver.
"The HP 34970A Windows 95 and Windows NT drivers are actually a single
driver.  All of directory paths which follow assume Windows 95.  For
NT, change references from win95 to winnt." <--

This HP 34970A driver conforms to all portions of the VXIplug&play
standard which are applicable to conventional HP-IB and RS-232.  Two
elements of the standard do not apply to the HP 34970A since it is not a
VXI instrument.  First, there is no soft front panel, as the HP 34970A
can be controlled from it's hardware front panel.  Second, there is no
knowledge base file, which is primarily a description of a VXI board.

               end of excerp

Feeling confident I installed the drivers and proceeded to set up a
34970aDVM@(1410) under I/0-->Instrument Manager-->Edit-->Advanced I/O
in VEE.  The 34970 driver appeared in the Advanced I/O dialog box so I
it and requested a to/from object.  I received the to/from object and
on the empty blue transaction bar and WHALA!! there were all the neat
calls to the HP34970!  When I tried to run a simple reset or instrument
check I got the following error...

Error returned from VXIplug&play init() function call, error value

VI_ERROR_RSTC_NFOUND: No matching resources found / no more matches
     Error while calling init function "hp34970a_init"
   Possible the configured address string is incorrect, check your
hardware and the I/0-->Instrument Manager-->Edit-->Advanced I/O Config
     Or, possibly the VISA library was not found.
      The VXIplug&play standard requires VISA to be installed.
    VISA is a software library that is supplied with your interface
  Install VISA, configure the hardware as suggested by the VISA install,
               then run this program.
          Object Title: To/From 34970aDVM
            Object Type:VXIplug&play

               Error number: 816

I believe the VISA libraries are ok.  The driver program indicated that
were found upon install.  I question how the driver works with the Nat.
IEEE488 PCMCIA card, maybe there are configuration settings that are

We are planning to use this equipment configuration for portable
data acquisition projects through the factory.  There are many
where this equipment would be ideal.  Please advise... thankyou!