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vrf Stop button

Question asked by rsb on Jun 20, 2001
"HUDSON,LEE (Non-A-LumiLEDs,ex1)" <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> In a lot of my VEE programs I have an "Abort Test" or "Stop" button that
> stops the program and resets instruments.  However, if someone decides to
> kill the program using the "Stop" button on the tool bar of VEE none of the
> instruments get reset and problems occur.  Is there a way to have the
> program reset instruments when this button is pressed? 
> Related to this problem is there a way to get rid of the tool bar of VEE in
> the panel mode and force the operator to use a "Start" and "Stop" button
> from the panel view?  This would be an acceptable work-around to the above
> mentioned problem.

for the latter, one option is to use vee runtime and

veerun -disallowclose myfile.vxe

then user can't even use the Windows controls ("X") to close the app
but must go through your interface. And there is no "Stop" button to press.


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