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Integration with SourceSafe

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 5, 1998
One of the challenges with graphical languages is detecting where changes
have been made between versions.  SourceSafe is fine for what it does, but
comparisons of the raw VEE code are difficult.  Moving objects causes the
"view" data to change. 

I wrote a very crude Visual Basic program that parses through VEE 3.12
programs, deleting view and description data, and appending a prefix to
each line with the function, userobject and object names.  If you run this
on two different programs, then a file comparison of these "signatures" 
gives much more useful data.  The lines look something like this:

  Function LogIn, UserObject LogIn, IFTHENELSE, NameIndex!=PasswordIndex"

Sorry I'm not permitted post it (export laws, company policy, etc). 
However, this might be an approach that our friends at Loveland could use
to address a common gripe.

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     Subject: Integration with SourceSafe
     Author: at BALT.SMTP
     Date:    2/6/98 10:08 AM
     Dear Vee-World and HP's Vee Team,

     It has been my recent pleasure to start using Microsoft's Visual
     SourceSafe as a version control software package.  The fact has been
     brought to my attention that applications in the MS-Office suite have
     add-ins that allow some SourceSafe menus to be present in applications
     like Word, VB and others.  This allows convenient integration of the
     main features of SourceSafe into other applications without having to
     run the SourceSafe application.

     Perhaps the Vee development team could investigate creating a similar
     add-in for integrating a Visual SourceSafe menu into the Vee IDE. 
     This would be a strong improvement for the Vee Development


     Andrew Hamilton