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VRF - front panel driver

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 3, 1997
In message <>, Greg Goebel
<> writes
>> Hi,
>> I would like to developp a HP Vee "front panel driver" (.cid), but I have
>> no idea on how to do it.
>> regards,
>> Mike.

My advice is to save yourself a lot of time and tears and just jump
straight on to creating a function library for the instrument.

If, say, the instrument is a Trace instrument such as a DigiScope, you
could have a list of clearly named functions that say what they do;

SetupInstrumentFromTextFile - Send file of GPIB strings to the scope.
SetNumberOfPoints           - Set number of points.
TriggerANewTrace            - Start a new capture.
GetATraceFromInstrument     - Get a fresh trace from the instrument.

You could design the functions to accept and return data types of your
own choosing rather than have to be pressed in to giving '1's and '0's
to the components in a .cid panel driver.

Can I finish off with an anecdote.
2 years ago, I did my first VEE program and I took 18 days difficult
programming to put together a Panel Driver for the HP3784 Bit Error Rate
Test Set. It had about 50 componets ( or functions ) in it and most of
them were never used.

Two months ago I had occasion to write a similar large program usin, in
part, a very similar instrument. I 1 1/2 days a had a function library
of about 10 functions written and fully tested.

Most importantly from above, a function library is far more re-useable
than a panel driver and can be more easily supported and tested.

I hope Greg agrees with my views and that my advice is of some help.

Ger Murray