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Error 979, and how to compile new IDs.

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 28, 1997
     I use HPVee to characterise thin films which we produce here in Belfast. I originally had a number of
programs running using HpVee3.0 on Win 3.11. I recently upgraded my PC to Win 95 and the new version of HPVEE,
HPVee 4.0. We use mostly HP instruments; the only non-HP products are a Lock-in amplifier and a temperature
controller. I had written tools for both of these instruments, which provided both front panels and direct I/O control. Is it
possible to compile these HPVee 3.0 tools for use in HPVee 4.0 ? If so, how ?

     I'm also having problems running the characterisation programs.....the direct I/O commands for the lock-in,
which are normally reliable, now periodically time-out. Another worrying problem occurs when the whole program
crashes unexpectedly in the middle of a characterisation run, with a message quoting a "serious error 979". Does anyone
know what this means, and how can I fix it ??


     Martin McCurry.
Martin McCurry
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Department of Pure and Applied Physics
Queen's University, Belfast.