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VRf - Some considerations

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 22, 1997
I find that HP Vee is potentially a very good tool and deserves attention
and suggestions to improve it.

So what follows are some questions and some suggestions:

- Inside examples there is one that make use of a strange (to me) PID
algorithm. Is it good to be used?. I meen, does it work? otherwise, where
could I find one ready to be used?
I prefere find it instead of developing it, because optimizing is time

Suggestions (in mixed order): (if you find that there are some false
suggestions that has a technique to overcome it, please do not esitate to
let me know)
- debugging tools like "Show data flow" and "show execution flow" are
partially useful; would be by far better if "active" only in the top most
(selected) window (function or object), avoiding to slow down the whole
- would be useful having the possibility to rotate text 90, specially
inside graph on Y axis.
- I like compose ovelying object, like button with led, or group visually
input fields with box. In this case is useful a "bring to front" "send to
back" command to manage different layer of object.
- I noted that the only way to have a panel automatically centered on the
screen is having it as a "function" and use "showpanel" without coordinate.
I'd like to have a flag added to properties to do this, so that it will
popup autoamtically centered when used in conjunction with "show panel on
- obvious: let the runtime center automatically on your screen resolution.
- I'd like a tool that let me change same characteristics on more than one
object at a time (like alignment in panel view or number representation).
- You manage different interface with SICL library. Ok. Very uncomfortable
when you try to make software user installable. In my opinion the serial
interface is an integral part of a PC, is not an external device that
require a special card or connection, so its support should be native in
Vee, not requiring any further driver installation.
- obvious: give an "installation generator".
- possibility of disable "maximize" and "minimize" window in run time.
- possibility of "remark" some portions of code, preserving the flow. It is
unbilievable this lack.
- A very useful modification: when I set "wait for input" in a button that
has the "default" or "reset" pin as input and programmatically I fire them
up, the button itself should operate as if it was pressed from the panel
with the mouse, let its state (or value) pass to the output. This would
make very easy many tasks that can be operate both from the program and
from the input.
- have the possibility to programmatically disable (gray out) or hide
object like button or input field.
- two very usefull commands from Labvindows are "SavePanelState" and
"RecallPanelState". They let you quickly save and recall the content of a
whole panel (input fields, graph, state of button etc.) in one shot in a
file. Are useful to create and reload a configuration panel without worring
about variables or record.

Thanks for the attention.

Marco Barbieri
engineer at Proart Srl