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Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 1, 1997

MXD Support Services

   last update 17 oct 97 / gvg

* The PC Test & Measurement (PCTM) support team provides assistance on the
following subset of products for HP-MXD:

% HP VEE for Windows and HP-UX.
% HP BASIC for Windows.
% HP I/O products for Windows: SICL/VISA/Plug&Play/HPIB/GPIO
% Certain older T&M Products for PCs.

Our support services include:

% Our PCTM websites, with descriptive information on our products, binaries
   and the like:

    - Customer server:
    - HP only server:

   HP people should use the HP only server to reserve the customer server
   for the customers.

% An HP VEE email reflector that allows customers to exchange information
   on HP VEE over email, and a similar reflector for Rocky Mountain BASIC
   products.  See signup instructions at bottom for more information on how
   to sign up.

% A monthly newsletter named Exchange that is sent over email and provides
   information on VEE and (to a lesser extent) the other PCTM products.
   See the signup instructions at bottom for details.

Customers requiring technical support should contact their country support
organization; in the US, this is through the number 1-800-698-0061.  A list
of contact information for other countries is available on the Access HP
website at: ... nters.html

If the callcenters cannot answer the questions, they will involve our factory
support group to assist, but the factory is not chartered or staffed to
handle direct customer interactions and so depends on the call centers as a
front end.

* To sign up for services, please send us an email with the following

  services                                   Get list of online services.
  onvee / <internet address> / <name>        Get on VEE email reflector.
  offvee / <internet address> / <name>       Get off VEE email reflector.
  onrmb / <internet address> / <name>        Get on RMB email reflector.
  offrmb / <internet address> / <name>       Get off RMB email reflector.
  onXC / <internet address> / <name>         Subscribe to EXCHANGE.
  offXC / <internet address> / <name>        Delete EXCHANGE subscription.

Please state your name in the format <first_name initial last_name>, followed
by a phone or preferably (particularly for overseas) a fax number in
parentheses.  For example, to get on the VEE email reflector list, just send
a file containing text of the form:

   onvee / / Wile E. Coyote (fax 503-773-9221)

Please make certain you include a phone or preferably (particularly for
overseas) a fax number; email is a notoriously unreliable communications
medium at present and we sometimes need a backup communcations scheme.