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"VRF" HPVee 4.0 numbers

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 7, 1997

I also have recently needed to chop decimal positions from displays.  Here is
what I have found.  If you are using a formula ("test data = "+real number) to
combine text and numbers for input to a display the numbers are converted to
text.  Setting the number attributes on the display will not help. 

A couple things you could do:

You can branch your output to two places.  One to the StrFromThru object  for
display and another to your subsequent formulas.


You could do the strFromThru(A, 0, strPosChar(A, ".") + 2)  then pipe the
result to another formula that has the input pin set for real.  This will
convert the text back to real.

Hope this helps,


>>>Greetings HPVee Users,
>>>Sometimes there are just too many significant digits, and I would like to
chop all of them off except for 2.  My Default preferences have been set up for
Decimal, Fixed, 2??however I continue to get about a dozen significant digits
as the output from some of my formulas.
>>>I could use the strFromThru, but this converts my data from numerical to
text, and I need it to stay numerical so that I can perform more math on the
>>>Does anyone have an idea about how to accomplish this?  Am I missing a
simple setting somewhere?
>>>One last question?can you  have an array of both text AND integer data with
HPVee 4.0 ?
>>>Best Regards,
>>>Peter J. Cesarz
>>>Test & Controls International