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VRf: Newbie question

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 19, 1997
Hello Sean,

You should be able to load the example VEE program.  Just allow VEE to add
the device when the popup appears.  You can give the device a name and
address if you like, but the defaults will be OK as well.  Just ensure that
you go to the Advanced I/O Config->General tab and set Live Mode to OFF. 
You may even be able to run the program if you are using classic VEE

Good luck!

Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul

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Subject: Newbie question
Author:  Non-HP-varah ( at HP-USA/o2=mimegw3
Date:    11/17/97 11:49 AM

Please excuse a newbie question. I'm setting up a data aquisition
project, and have HPVee running on a Win95 machine. I have a .vee file
from a friend of mine to use as an example. However, when I open up the
file, it asks to load a driver. I don't have the same card or driver,
and so at that point I'm stuck. If I abort, it quits loading the file.

Is there a way for me to open up the file without loading the driver?

Thanks very much.

Sean Varah

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 97 09:21:03 -0500
Subject: RE: Re: Vrf: ines PCMCIA HPIB with VXIp&p

     I have not tried VISA with the iNES card, but NI's VISA works fine
     with HPVEE when using the PCMCIA-GPIB card. I have seen a problem
     using the REFRESH button with the NI card though, where it identifies
     all GPIB addresses as having an instrument.
     The iNES GPIB interface requires a special set of drivers under
     Windows NT. You must purchase these drivers directly from iNES, I
     think they charge about $100. The Windows 95 drivers do not work on
     I have done this and have gotten the iNES PCMCIA GPIB interface
     working on an OmniBook 800CT. There are issues with the REFRESH button
     (it doesn't find devices properly).
     Dave Schlottman

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Subject: Re: Vrf: ines PCMCIA HPIB with VXIp&p
Author:  stanb-at-sr ( at HP-USA,mimegw1
Date:    11/20/97 5:49 PM wrote:
> Subject: ines PCMCIA HPIB with VXIp&p
> I have been using the ines PCMCIA HPIB interfaced to an E1406 command
> module for some time with VXI instruments.  Using direct I/O and classic
> VEE drivers everything works fine.  However, I am unable to get
> VXIplug&play drivers to work using the same configuration.
Don't have answer for your question directly, but do have related question:
Has anyone got the ines PCMCIA HPIB working under NT4 on an Omnibook?
Have been working unsuccessfully to make this work for some time now.
Stan Bischof