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Printing VEE graph

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 17, 1997
I am using VEE 4.01 on Windows 95. Some of my programs (which has also
secured mode) have graphics display.

When the graph background is black, the display on the screen is at its best,
but than, plotting the graph on hard copy (Deskjet printer) copies exactly
the same colors as those on the screen, with the black background which not
only wastes ink, but takes a very long time to print. If I change the
background to
white (in Default Preferences) now the print out is fine, but the markers on the
screen are invisibale and so is the zooming rectangle.

There is also a problem with the object background color.
White background saves ink and time, but makes the printed graph unclear at the
left edge, colored background looks wonderful, but again wastes ink and time.

What is the solution ?

I must add that I use VEE 4.01 also on 700 Workstations with HP-UX and there is
no such problem there. The graph and object backgrounds are always white
there, no
mater what color the background is on screen.