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Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 19, 1997
Repost of the question:

We have a old NI AT-GBIP card for PCs. It supports 488.2. We have the NI
drivers for it, Ver. 2.7.1, that support Win95. It includes files named
that are installed correctly in the /windows/system directory.

The card works proper on our DX486/66, 16 MB RAM under Win95. It is
configured as GPIB0. It was tested with the NI hard- and software checks
and with the NI direct GPIB terminal program and our remote instr., a
Rhode&Schwartz Power Reflectometer Bridge at GPBI adr. 5.

In HP VEE 4.0 we created a I/O instrument at adress 1405 (14 = NI GPIB0,
05 = GPIB adr. of remote instr.) as described in NI/HP WWW support
sites. When we start the program, we get an error like following:
"Could not attach file gpib-32.dll"
"Please read inst. instr. and so on"
"Error # 716"
It doesn't matter if gpib-32.dll is deleted or copied to any other
directory we thought that VEE might look for it.

Any solution?

Rainer Engelbrecht, MSc EE
Labs for High Frequency Technology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Cauerstr. 9, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
Phone: ++49-9131-857230, FAX: ++49-9131-857212