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VRf: Integrating a bar code reader

Question asked by ramarquardt on Nov 25, 1997

We do this all the time.

You can do this using a simple serial port connected bar code reader.
Just read the serial port.

You can also do it via a keyboard wedge in which case the input goes right
into a normal keyboard input function.

We make both types, see, under the Allen-Bradley label;
and use them in our own test equipment.
Bar code scanners in particular can be seen at


Rob Marquardt
System Test Engineering
Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA on 11/26/97 03:53:48 AM

cc:    (bcc: Robert A Marquardt/Milwaukee/RA/Rockwell)
Subject:  Integrating a bar code reader

Has anyone integrated a bar code reader into their system?
I am considering implementing one and I am curious if there is someone out
there who has gone through the implementation.
Troy Weeks
Aval Communications
Walnut Creek, CA