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VRf - loops (loosly)

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 9, 1997
I am having problems trying to run Veetest using Reflections X.
I am using a HP Kayak XU pc.  the host is a HP uxix workstation.

* errors while trying to run veetest using reflections x-term
Internal error: Segmentation violation (signal = 11)

** Recursive warning:
_IPFiler (0x53940c): Error occurred during load of device UserObject

-- today --
*** Now it starts to run but aborts giving error code -979

(I am able to run this veetest program accross unix stations)
(I am able to use Reflections X to (remotely) run other programs
like XV)
--               {VRF}
Rick Powell  HPL SSTL SSAD