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Vrf- displaying signals with different frequencies in real time

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 19, 1998
dear all,

I'm trying to solve the following problem for quite a while now.
I have two files which I want to display in a y-plot (waveform time) in real time. The
data of the first file was recorded with 100 hz the second with 10 hz.
How can I display both files in real time?!
My guess was to enlarge the second file to the size of the first, by making a new file
which copies a value 9 times. The attached vee file does this(this copies each vlaue
once), but takes ages.
Maybe it's possible to change the x-axis in the y plot and make my program above
obsolete. Of course I would prefer the latter.

Would be very thankful for suggestions.

Stephan Grabeleu (using vers 3.12)
Institute of Air and Space Aviation
TU Berlin,