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vrf - plot in smith-chart

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 23, 1997

> Hello all.
> Does anyone have a function or some kind of way to make plots in a smith
> chart ?
> (I am running Win NT 4.0)
> I can also solve my problem with a visual basic function, so that I can
> run this under EXCEL. Does anyone have such a visual basic code?
> Regards, Michael Holm.

For some odd reason the Smith chart only accepts coordinate data and no
'common' (P)Complex data apart from frequency/time data. So, when you
convert data to XY (Re/Im) coordinate type of data, the Smith cahrt can
plot it.

In my opinion, the Smith-chart in VEE typically addresses signal-proccessing
engineering, and not typically microwave/RF engineering. Too bad! RF engineers
want a chart for plotting (P)Complex data and use either Z-Smith, Y-Smith,
polar or perhaps even rectangular or Carter 'grids/scales' or OVERLAY's
as Mr. Philip Smith, (the inventor) calls them. Marker read-out mode should
have the same choices, but not neccesarely the same setting as the 'overlay'.

Ref: "Electronic applications of the Smith chart", Phillip H. Smith.
     McGraww-Hill (1996) / Robert Krieger Publishing Company, Inc
     (1983, Re-print)


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Date: Tue, 25 Nov 97 13:48:13 -0500
Subject: Re[2]: Vrf: ines PCMCIA HPIB with VXIp&p

> Has anyone got the ines PCMCIA HPIB working under NT4 on an Omnibook?
> Have been working unsuccessfully to make this work for some time now.

Did you ever have it working under Windows 95 (Win32)?  If not, and you've had
the card for a while, you may need a firmware upgrade.  I had to send my card
back to ines for a firmware change and new 32-bit drivers.


Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul