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clear display in User Object

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 4, 1998

Just how I tend to solve these kind of problems:
I make it a userfunction, so I can call it easily any time I need to
have some action.
Having global variables also helps, I do not have to pass all data, I
just can use it where I need it.
I add control flags like 'clear'. In the function itself I check for
these flags, and act correspondingly.

Note that control inputs do not require that all other inputs are
'satisfied', they operate directly. But as soon as you route these
via the 'border' of a userobject or function, they loose this

Greg, this one for you: Would it be possible in the future to
have this control property to propagate through these borders, or
will this conflict with the general structure?
Note that I am not a real programmer, so maybe I miss some important
issue here.
If it could, it would be a great enhancement, I think.

> Hello all,
> can somebody please tell me how to solve the following problem.
> I have an x vs y plot inside a user object with a clear screen input terminal which I
> would like to trigger with an OK button from outside the user object.
> I was surprised to discover that the trace only appears when I hit the clear (Ok)
> button, whereas the trace in an identical x vs y display outside the user object
> disappears when I hit the clear button.
> Where is the logic in this behaviour? And how do I get the display in the User Obj. to
> display the trace immediately and to disappear when I want it to by hitting the clear
> button? Maybe there is an alternative to the OK button, which I can only press once?!
Groetjes, Johannes