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VRF-Article about Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 26, 1998
Item Subject: VRF-Article about Vee
Looks like we jumped the gun on this article and I believe it is supposed to
appear this month.  I will double check and let you know.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Lala Jacoby
Test System News Publisher

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Subject: VRF-Article about Vee
Author:  Non-HP-pedereux ( at HP-ColSprings,shargw8
Date:    1/27/98 7:02 AM

I'm looking for the article, referenced in the HP Test System News
bulletin (Dec. 97 - page 6) with the title: "Visualize Better Tests" and
published in Evaluaition Engineering.
I've tried to download the article from EE site, but the "database is
under construction".
Does anybody have an electronic copy ?
Thanks to  E mail me to or fax to (514) 437 6382.

Pierre-Eric Dereux
Bell Helicopter Textron Canada
12800 rue de l'avenir
Mirabel (Qc)
J7J 1R4

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