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VXD: User Options

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 10, 1998
The question is how to implement a multi-step process that allows the
user to go back steps.

I've done something similar to this in writing a questionnaire where
the user was able to back up to a previous question and change
answers.  My approach is to use a couple control variables and a
repeat/until loop.  Each step sets a global variable to +1 or -1.  In
general OK sets +1 and the REPEAT or BACKUP sets -1.  An exit user
object causes an immediate exit from the object rather than waiting
for the other confirm button.  After the step, some logic uses the
globabl variable to change a second global variable which is input to
a demultiplexer to select the object activated on each itteration of
the loop.

There are of course many possible variations.  If each step of the
test is a user function, you could name them f1 to fn and even
construct the name and feed it into the call user function object.

You get the idea.

Good luck,