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Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 19, 1998
Gianfranco Durin wrote:
> Strike, dear Magnus Sundberg!
> > I could not find the statistical function chi square.
> > Have I missed the function or is there a way of implementing the
> > function in HP VEE?
> > I have used Chi square distribution in Labview.
> This is one of the topics (a few, actually) where VEE looses. But this
> is one of the most important.
> The list of analysis library of LabView is impressive (see pag. 90 of
> their catalogue if you have it): filters, statistic functions, hilbert
> transform, wavelet analysis, NONLINEAR FIT (oh, how I'd like to have
> it!!!), solve complex linear equations, etc...
> Dear Greg and all HP staff, I understand this is a big step... but this
> is what people need, once they have a very good way to take data from
> instruments. You see the number of utilities posted in the reflector
> increases every day, so this means there is a strong request from
> customers to have a big utility library.
> I also understand it is not your main job (improve the VEE first!), but
> something VEE must think about.
> Dear VEE users, do you agree?
> thanks from a happy VEE users (who, BTW, strongly hates Labview...)
> gianfranco durin
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Dear Sirs,

why don't you use a statistic or math software package
for postprocessing - I think even EXCEL will do the job.
I do not think it makes sense to press every possible
feature in one software package.

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Best regards,

                                    Andreas Schwarz