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Fwd: VRF - Using ActiveX from Visual C++

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 22, 1998
Interesting that you should come up with this problem now.  I am working on the same sort of routine as we speak.

The solution that I've come to is to write to temporary file, and then use the execute program to print the file.  We've gotten this program called printfile.exe (I believe it's a shareware program floating around the WWW).  This program will print any text file with any sort of formatting you could want all defined by command line variables.

So, I generate a temporary text file consisting of the data I want to print, then call this program to print that file (usually with only the date, time, number of pages as the format) and then delete the file.  So far, so good:)

I hope that helps.

James Atkin wrote:

> Hi All,
> I currently have an array of text that I need to send to a Printer.
> I cannot use the To-Printer Object as the array contains control characters,
> so I am using the To-File Object, specifying the file as 'LPT2'
> This works MOST of the time, however, on occasion, I get Vee to error with
> File LPT2 does not exist. Ive checked the capture on the port, and it appears
> to be fine.
> If I re-start Vee, this problem seems to rectify itself.
> has anyone else come across this ?
> Is there any way to get round it ?
> Thanks for any assistance.
> James Atkin
> James.Atkin@Phase.Com