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Changing baud rate within the program

Question asked by aufenanger on Jan 14, 1999
Dear Phu,

I don't think it is possible to change baud rate programmaticaly. The only
way I see at the moment is to implement several devices with different baud
rates. After that you can choose your device programmatically.

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          Hello All,
          Are there any commands to change the serial baud rate within HP
          program?  For example, the existing program is using serial
port at
          9600.  I would like to tell it go to different baud rate depend
on the
          unit under test's baud rate.  If is it possible to change
serial port
          baud rate without calling a different serial device name?
          Thank you for your help in advance.
          Best regards,
          Phu Tran
          ENI Power Technology