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VRF - Generic Forms in Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on May 5, 1998
Ran into the same problem, found the same solution. However?
Suppose you have grouped input fields (not buttons), and you hide one field, you still jump into the hidden field with the <tab>. This is not nice. The only workaround I can think of for this, is to have two -almost the same- input functions with each their own display.

Regards, Johannes Mulder

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> I'm trying to develop a generic form in Vee that requires some of the text input
> boxes to be 'hidden' in certain cases.  I have in the past programmed in VB and
> you have the option of for instance Text1.Visible = TRUE or FALSE.
> Is there anything resembling this functionality in Vee 4.01 ?
> If not, it is to be included on Vee 5 ?

I've run into that situation before -- I have wanted to 'dim' or remove
certain buttons based on something earlier in the program.  The only way
that I was able to work around it was to use the showPanel and hidePanel

Also, there are certain displays that I've written that can be of
varying size.  The only way around that was to use the
showPanel/hidePanel to 'build' the dialog box.

Hope that helps.

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