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vrf Interrupt-Error with Computerboards PCMCIA-Card

Question asked by a.kieser on Oct 24, 2001
I am using HP VEE 5 on a Laptop (Win95) with a PCM-DAS16S/16 A/D-Card. I
installed Universal Lib and everything has been working fine for more than 2
But now I have an Error 134 (Interrupt not available) when I use cbAInScan.
cbAIn is working correctly.
The PCMCIA-Card is working at IRQ 5, there is nothing else at this
interrupt. Because there are working different people with the laptop, I
don't know what happens exactly to the laptop.
How can I find out what is going wrong (at which IRQ there is the conflict)
and what I have to do to solve this problem.

Thank you for answers in advance,

with best regards,
Axel Kieser
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