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VEE 4.0/Windows NT

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 11, 1997
We have experienced the same problem as Nate Gardner describes in email
may 3rd. (Quoted below.)

Has the question been answered?

Best regards Svein

An "On Cycle" loop hogs all of the CPU cycles on the computer.
        I have written a program that reads a temperature from a
        GPIB-based temperature controller at 1 second intervals. A
        strip-chart of the temperature is displayed, and it is auto-scaled
        after each reading. In parallel with this thread there is a
        "Confirm" button executing. The CPU is a Pentium 90, Vectra XU/90C
        32MB RAM. When this program is running, however, the computer's
        processor time is listed as ~100%. I cannot reasonably work on any
        other programs in the background, and downloading small files off
        of this computer over the network while the VEE program is
        executing is *very* slow. Changing the cycle interval to longer
        times does not alleviate the problem.