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Data Translation and Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 17, 1997
After some discussions with people here, Computerboards and Data Translation
were mentioned as suppliers who have boards that support Vee with drivers.
Computerboards was axed from my immediate possibilities because their
drivers for V4.0 would not be ready for at least a few months.  So I went
with Data Translation.  I had the distributor confirm that the drivers were
compatible with V4.0 and have a letter stating so.  I then ordered 6-
DT21-EZ and 3 DT2817 cards with V4.0 drivers.

Now where I need help.  I have a call into DT, but am still waiting for a
call back.  You guys may be faster.  I got a couple floppies that have the
drivers for each board (.drv) for Basic or C.  I also got a DT-Vee sampler
on another floppy.  I already have Vee 4.0 from HP.  Am I missing how to
install this .drv with Vee or am I missing the drivers?  The manuals are
pretty weak.

Can you guys(gals) that have Data Translation cards used with Vee help?

Thanks in advance,