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Using HP VEE 4.0 with HP Basic for Windows or HT Basic

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 17, 1997
We have a large base of software written on HP300s in Basic/UX
(RMB)which runs our factory test equipment . Going forward we want to
move to a PC (like everyone else in the world !) but we would still like
to utilize the Basic code we have . I would like to port the Basic/UX to
a PC running Basic for Windows and then use VEE 4.0 as an outside
"shell" to call particular routines in Basic . Then over time port all
my applications from Basic to VEE or "C" . Has anyone tried to make use
of HP Basic in this way ?
Any suggestions would be appreiciated !

Mike O'Driscoll
Lockheed Martin Fairchild Systems
Ridge Hill, Yonkers N.Y. 10598