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Re2: Using HP VEE 4.0 with HP Basic for Windows or HT Basic

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 18, 1997
"Mike O'Driscoll" <> wrote:
> We have a large base of software written on HP300s in Basic/UX
> (RMB)which runs our factory test equipment . Going forward we want to
> move to a PC (like everyone else in the world !) but we would still like
> to utilize the Basic code we have . I would like to port the Basic/UX to
> a PC running Basic for Windows and then use VEE 4.0 as an outside
> "shell" to call particular routines in Basic . Then over time port all
> my applications from Basic to VEE or "C" . Has anyone tried to make use
> of HP Basic in this way ?

I believe that you will find that this really comes down to:

Is Basic/Windows capable of being accessed by other processes? If the
answer is "yes" you are most likely OK on the VEE side.

We use VEE here as a "shell" for many other applications. Great because
then use (and reuse) is extremely nice since other apps become
as easy to use/access as VEE is.

Once you get the basics done, I'd recommend writing VEE user functions
as "wrappers" for the RMB code, and then always use those functions in
your routines. Place all the functions in an imported library.
That way when you rewrite in VEE or C your end programs
won't have to change at all other than to import a different library.

Stan Bischof