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Controlling HP89441A using HP-VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 24, 1998
Subject: Re: Controlling HP89441A using HP-VEE
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     I forgot to mention that I tried both the hp894xx.cid and hp894xx2.cid
      VEE drivers.  They both have 5000+ lines of entries for center
     frequency command.
     Wai-Ling Wong

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Subject: Controlling HP89441A using HP-VEE
Author:  WAI-LING WONG at HP-SanJose,om1
Date:    2/25/98 11:36 AM

     I am trying to control an HP89441A Vector Signal Analyzer (VSG) using
     HP-VEE running on an HP700i UNIX work-station.  The work-station is
     able to commuincate back and forth with the VSG, but it takes a long
     time to execute a commnad.
     I attached the HP-VEE supplied HPIB monitor to a component driver to
     view the activity on the HPIB while the work-station initiates a change
     center frequency command to the VSG.  The HPIB monitor recorded >5000
     lines of entries prior to completing the command.  The same command
     takes 10 to 15 lines of entries using direct I/O.  This phenonmenom was
     not unique to changing center frequency only.  It is also true for
     changing instrument mode and other commands.
     The component driver seemed to be checking for errors in the VSG and
     setting up some kind of calculations during this 5000+ line entries.
     Do you know if there is a way to disable all those error checking
     features when I know that the center frequency is valid for the
     Thanks for your help in advance.
     Wai-Ling Wong
     CSSD- Newark, CA
     Tel-net 577-5629