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Vrf : I/O libraries installation problems???

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 26, 1998
You must install the I/O libraries from the administrator account (Network
administrator). It's not enough to be administrator of the PC.

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"Gustin, Mike" <> on 98-02-26 18:36:00

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Subject:  Vrf : I/O libraries installation problems???

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I have a test station running HPVee 4.01 on an NT platform. Everything has
been running fine for the last 4 months. Last week the system got
requiring NT to be reinstalled and of course everything else.
I am trying to install the I/O libraries. As soon as I run the iocfg32.exe
routine the system locks up requiring it to be reset. The account that I am
running it out of has administrator privileges, it is not the administrator
account, which should be ok according to the documentation.
I remember having this problem with the I/O libraries before but I do not
remember how I got around the problem. I do not feel the problem is with my
I would appreciate any help.
Mike Gustin