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a buttonbar scheme (2), enhancement request

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 26, 1998

Working with the buttonscheme I just put on the reflector, some
issues (relatively small) came up.
Maybe some enhancement for the next release?

- possibility of transparant color (posed before)

- the exact position of a bitmap in a button is not the same as in a
picture. It would be less annoying if this was the same for all.

- a better coherence between the picture options in the picture
object as in all other objects.

- I can imagine that this button concept could be integrated in VEE
as a standard (set of) objects.

- possibility of assigning a user bitmap directory.
Now you have either the choice of putting all bitmaps in the
VEE itmaps directory, or you have to keep your directory structure
exactly the same, which is not always possible.
I can imagine this asa commandline option, as a default preference
and/or as input pins on objects like buttons and picture (in this
case separate FILE and DIR pins).

(btw. it would be nice if commandline options like '-VEEIO' could be
set via default preferences or so)

With kind regards,
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