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Question asked by VRFuser on May 8, 1998
send q VRF-Suffix_Etc vrf ww

from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 800-452-4844
to:   VRF
date: Friday, 08 May 1998 1500 MDT

Hi All:

Nice discussion on the VRF suffix and so on.  I got quite a few emails and
they ran about three-quarters for keeping it, so I will request that the
VRF subscribers do so.

I have modified the signup document to make the requirements for the VRF
a little clearer.  Please read, any comments welcome.

Thanks to JS for suggestions.

[%%] regards -- gvg


You are now on the list for the VEE email reflector.

Thanks for your interest.  GVG


Welcome To The HP VEE Email Reflector!

The HP VEE reflector (VRF) allows you to communicate with other VEE users in
informal group discussions over the Internet.

The idea behind a reflector is simple:  you get your name put on our
distribution list, and then when you send email to a special address,
everyone on the list will be copied on the message.


[1] VRF Procedures

* While the VRF is an extremely useful thing, note that it can lead to the
proliferation of trash email if misused; therefore the following guidelines
are requested:

% Please provide a title and header that includes the acronym VRf ("VEE
   Reflector") so that the incoming mail is identified as for the mailing
   list and not for a specific individual.  For example, you might title
   a message as:


   -- and address it to "VRf" in whatever header you put on your message.
   This should reduce some confusion.

% Please send your messages as plain text if possible ... this is the most
   convenient format.

% Please do not send large files over the VRF unless there is a widespread
   and acknowledged need to do so.

% Please do not send virus warnings, humor postings, and other postings
   unrelated to HP VEE activities over the VRF.

% It is highly recommended that you included a header or trailer of your own
   in the *text* of your message with your name, address, intended recipient
   ("VRf"), (possibly) topic, and a backup means of contacting you ... there
   are hundreds of people on the VRf with different types of emailers, and
   assuming that the information provided automatically by your own emailer
   will be as readily obvious on another is not valid.

   A backup means of contact is particularly important, since email is one
   of the least reliable means of communication at the present time.

% Please consider your transmissions to the reflector well and make sure
   they are clearly written (and appropriate for broadcast transmission)
   before sending them out.  If your message is to a specific person, please
   do not send it over the VRf; please send it to that specific person.

% If you want to get off the reflector, please send a message to
   "" (not the VRf) with line:

   offvee / <address> / <name & fax etc>

   For address changes, contact "pctm" at the same location.

% PCTM Support also provides a digest of (more or less) daily correspondence
   on the VRF.  Please send an email to "" with the line:

   onvdg / <address> / <name & fax etc>

   -- to get on the email list for this service.

The address for the VEE reflector is: (or hpvxd_xc@


[2] Terms, Conditions, Disclaimers, & So On

* When using the VRF, please be aware of the following comments:

% Use of the VRF is provided to you, the user, on condition that you comply
   with the requests for appropriate conduct as describe in section [1]
   above.  Your use of the VRF constitutes acceptance of these items.

% Willful violation of the requests for appropriate conduct on the VRF will
   be reviewed individually by Hewlett-Packard.  Hewlett-Packard will notify
   the concerned party if such violations occur.  If the violations continue,
   Hewlett-Packard reserves the right to terminate the concerned party's
   involvement with the VRF and not renew it at a later date.  The concerned
   party will be notified of this action.

% HP accepts no liability for information provided over the VRF.
   Information may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors.  HP takes no
   responsibility for business transactions conducted between non-HP entities
   on the VRF.

% Operation of and policies related to the VRF may be changed at any time.
   Hewlett-Packard will provide timely notification of such changes.


[3] Comments

* Note that when you post to the reflector, your mail is (as explained) sent
to everyone on the list; this means that if anyone on the list is temporarily
or permanently out of communications, you'll get an error message from them.

Since the more people we have on the list, the higher the probability that one
of them is going to be out of service, you can usually expect to get some
failures on your mail and it will increase over time. 

There is plenty of activity on the VRf at this time, so if you don't hear
anything for a few weeks you should assume your address was broken and we
had to delete it.

* As far as using the VRf goes ... the more focused and well-defined the
question, the better results you will get.  New users will often ask rather
broad questions, such as:  "I have an application requirement as follows,
can anyone tell me how to build it?" -- or:  "My program is slow, can you
make it faster?" 

Such questions rarely get useful answers.  However, questions along the line
of:  "I am trying to implement a specific function in my program, defined as
follows ... do you have some suggestions?" -- or:  "I have performed the
following action and get the following error message -- any clues?" --
usually get plenty of answers.

The more clearly and professionally-presented the message, the higher the
probability of a useful answer as well ... in particular, if you send out
example code, you'll get much better results if you send out a simple program
focused on the problem that only has a few objects and some minimal
documentation, and does not require use of instruments or elaborate file
hierarchies to get to operate.

[<>] gvg