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GPIB compatibility

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 27, 1997

I'm not sure what the 776786 means, but I've used a NI AT-GPIB/TNT card in
both NT and Win95 with VEE.

Mark Ahrens
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>     Hello everyone
>     Does anyone know if Vee 4.0 is compatible with National Instruments
>     AT-GPIB/TNT 776786 GPIB card?  I have a computer that I wish to run
>     Vee 4.0 on, but this computer must also run an older software package
>     that the software manufacturer only guarantees results when using this
>     card.  I have already tried an HP 82341 and did not have any luck(vee
>     was fine of course).  Thanks.
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