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VRf: Timestamp filename method?

Question asked by VRFuser on May 7, 1998
> Maybe this has been addressed before.  Is there
> any easy way to generate PC filenames based on
> on the current date and time?  What I would like
> is to have a base filename filter that then has
> the date and time of the test appended to it.
> An example filename I would like is:
> Testd_05_08_98_14_20_05
> ie;
> filter="Testd" (set by the user)
> Testd_month_day_year_HH_MM_SS
> The month, day, and year are easy, but there
> doesn't seem an easy way to get the current
> time in the string format needed for a filename.
> Any suggestions?

Send the output of the now() function to a To String object.  On the To String
object, change from Default Format to Time Stamp Format and request the Time

Send the time string to a From String object.  Change the Default Format to
Token Format and change SPACE DELIM to EXCLUDE CHARS.  Set the exclude character
list to ":
".  Finally, change the SCALAR type to ARRAY 1D and changes the SIZE
argument to TO END.  You'll end up with a 3 element array containing the HH, MM,
and SS.


Bruce Wenner
HP St. Paul