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Vrf Timestamp filename method?

Question asked by VRFuser on May 7, 1998
Use the to string function to get the date/ time into a string format.
The write statement in the to string box should be similar to :


Note that I used the now() function directly in the to string block


At 12:34 PM 5/8/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Maybe this has been addressed before.  Is there
>any easy way to generate PC filenames based on
>on the current date and time?  What I would like
>is to have a base filename filter that then has
>the date and time of the test appended to it.
>An example filename I would like is:
>filter="Testd" (set by the user)
>The month, day, and year are easy, but there
>doesn't seem an easy way to get the current
>time in the string format needed for a filename.
>Any suggestions?
>Drew Amery
>University of Florida
>Department of Materials Science
>Gainesville, FL  32601

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