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VRf: VEE on OpenNT ?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 30, 1997
Marquardt, Rob wrote:
> This is for Greg and others at HP.
> Many of us may be interested in this idea.
> Is there a port of HP VEE to Softway Systems' OpenNT product
> being considered, toyed with or etcetera?
> For more info on OpenNT see
> Basically this is UNIX which runs concurrently with NT. HP VEE
> running under this would allow us to do on NT which we can already
> do with the big HP-UX based test system: "Run VEE TEST remotely
> at our desks".
> There is great benefit in doing this. We have HP-UX VEE 4.0 running
> in a remote facility (250 miles away) and we must make occasional
> upgrades
> and do some troubleshooting. It is a bit unpleasant to drive a 500 mile
> round trip
> to do a job which only takes 30 minutes or so.
> Since our business is pressing us into lower cost test systems (Windows
> NT based)
> it sure would be nice to find a way to regain the remote display and
> control
> afforded by the X server on the HP-UX system which is lost when one goes
> to Windows NT.
> Rob Marquardt
> Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley
> Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
We have run HP VEE on a remote HP UX machine using another HP UX, a SUN
and a PC running Hummingbird Exceed.  We have also played with PC
Anywhere and it seemed to work quite well, but it was only a cursory
Another suggestion is using sockets for remote data acquisition.  If
your remote VEE server software is written in a way that it can accept
reconfigurations based on a client VEE model running on your local
machine this is alos fairly effective.  There is a good example of this
in the HP VEE Advanced Programming manual (6.48 - 6.54).  Good luck.