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VRF- VEE as HPIB client?

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 3, 1997

This one is new to me so I'm hoping that someone else has tackled it before:

What I would like to do is to simulate using VEE the front end of an instrument.
That is VEE will control some hardware but will in turn be controlled over an
HPIB bus by an external program.

The question then is- how do I configure VEE to be an HPIB "client" rather than
the normal action of being a controller?
--------                 ------------              --------------
        |                |           |             |             |
control |                |  VEE      |             |  hardware   |
program | --- HPIB ----- |           |-------------|             |
running |                |           |             |             |
on comp |                |___________|             |_____________|

VEE idles along looking for a command to come in over the HPIB then does what it
needs to to tranlste that command into control of the hardware. That is, it is
functioning as the firmware of my instrument.

I suppose that a kludge would be to write a small C program that idles along
waiting for command and then communicates with VEE via a pipe, but that sounds
sort of hokey and I'd like a more direct approach.

thanks for any hints

Stan Bischof