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vrf-direct I/O

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 10, 1998
Thanx Lois!
Changing the write terminator to "
", for Direct I/O, didn't work at first. So I changed it to "
(using both carriage AND line feed at the same time). Now all is working great! I appreciate you pointing
me in the right direction.

Grant McCormick wrote:

> I think the problem might be in the termination character you need to send at
> the end of the command.  Your manual example shows that the carriage return
> needs to be sent.  I think VEE's default is just the line feed character.  You
> should edit the configuration for the Direct I/O for this device.  Change the
> Write terminator to
(for carriage return).  Also make sure you don't put that
> in the quotes; it should just be "B1234 E 6 NORM LOWZ" in the WRITE TEXT
> transaction line.
> good luck,
> Lois
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> Subject: vrf-direct I/O
> Author:  Non-HP-mccormickg ( at HP-USA,mimegw2
> Date:    3/10/98 10:01 PM
> Good morning all,
> I am trying to control my DSI 7735 bit synchronizer by either panel
> driver or direct I/O.  Anyone out there happen to have an *.id or *.cid
> written for this so I can use a panel driver? If not maybe some direct
> I/O advice can be given to me. The " Remote Interface" section of the
> 7735's manual gives this command example:
>     B 1234 E 6 NORM LOWZ <cr>
> B=bit rate
> E=multiplier
> Nothing happens when I type this basic command in the direct I/O box. I
> do have quote marks around it, and the device is in "remote". I have
> been able to control all my other equipment using direct I/O or panel
> drivers until now. I understand all this might be vague unless someone
> here has actually controlled the 7735. Lastly, the GPIB cable IS hooked
> up to it.
> Sincerely,
> Grant McCormick
> Research Planning, Inc.
> China Lake, California
> 760-939-9261
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