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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 11, 1998
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to:   VRF -- Brent G. DeWitt
date: Thursday, 12 March 1998 0812 MST

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> From: Brent G DeWitt <>
> Subject: Vrf: beginner questions
> As a new convert from LabView to VEE, I have a couple of questions
> about panel indicators.
> First, is there any way to have a meter with an angular swing of
> 360 degrees rather than 120?  I'm looking to build something that
> looks moree like a tachometer.

No, that's been requested, but not available.

> Is there a way to replace the button on a slider (which I realized I
> could also use as a display) with a picture?  I would like to
> illustrate some thing like an antenna going up and down.  Right now,
> the only way seems to be to create a small user panel with the
> antenna symbol as it's only element and play with the panel position
> inputs to move it on the main panel.  Is there a better way.

No ... not a demand item.

> I there any way to turn off the "raised" property of the bar on a
> fill gauge?  I've managed to turn it into a simple sliding indicator
> by setting the min and max alarm settings +-1 from the input value,
> and making the max and min colors the same as the background, but
> the border is still a bit annoying.

Yes, when you put it on a panel, use the object menu to get the Properties
tabfolder, then investigate the "appearances" tab.  IMHO I find this object
looks funny without a border (though the "flat" selection gives a good

> I guess the most general question is:
> How does one go about creating new display devices?

In this version, the only options are either using the bitmap display to show
various different bitmaps or using the custom option on the indicator
displays to show different bitmaps.

Future versions of VEE may support ActiveX controls, allowing VEE to
integrate (more or less) external widgets and the like.

> I appologize if all this is trivial, but I didn't seem to
> be able to find any answers in the manuals.

That's sort of a treasure hunt ... you might find things hidden in the
details, but it's easier if somebody shows you.  (And there is the
diminishing returns of trying to find something that doesn't exist ... )

> Thanks,
> ------------------------------
> Brent DeWitt
> TUV Product Service
> Boulder, CO

PCTM Support doesn't guarantee answering Reflector questions -- our first
priority is backing up the international call centers, since their
credibility suffers if we don't do a good job for them -- but I think I'll
try to at least be a good VRF citizen and contribute at least one response
a day. 

Sometimes I learn something new, and besides sometimes there's nobody better
placed to answer some questions.  (Not always the case ... people who have
built big VEE applications know things that the support people don't since
we can't spend months working on a single program.)

[<>] regards -- gvg