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vrf - GPIB intermittent timeouts (VEE ERROR 801)

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 1, 2001
Hi Tom,
       Not sure if you have already had a reply to this one.  From a
simplistic view I would suggest changing the timeout for the VEE object (
you can do this 'statically' in the instrument manager or add a 'timeout'
control pin to your 'to intrument' object ).  The GPIB is often held whilst
an instrument is acting on a command and therefore may case this effect to

     Please let me know how you get on.


Mike Watts


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I am running a 6834B Power Analyzer via GPIB and VEE (6.01).  I am
experiencing intermittent I/O Errors where the 6834 will timeout,
specifically when I am downloading data points to the test equipment.  Has
anyone had any similar problems or experiences?  Also, is there any way to
"clear" the bus or perform some action which might prevent the timeout
error? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You,


Thomas R. Melle

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