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Vrf-NI cards and VISA

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 30, 1998
Dear VEE users,
I have to solve a problem using a NI card (PCI-GPIB) with VISA.
Working with an another group of my Institute, I need to have VEE and
LabView on the same computer.... We purchased both a HP82341D and a
PCI-GPIB NI card to work with a VXI system with a P&P card (HP E1563A).
So I need VISA of course.
Up to now, I used them separately and I could install them correctly
under Win95.To avoid complications (following some considerations of the
Debugging Plug&Play Driver Operation Web page, I only
installed the HPVISA. In this way, I cannot install the GPIB0-VXI using
the NI card with the HP utility I/O configure (I know, it uses SICL).
Let me say that the NI card works well under VEE as a HPIB14 card as
Do I have to install the NIVISA too? What about compatibility problem?
I do not need to use them at the same time, I can switch easily
rebouting the system.
I could also use only one of them (the NI card) because it works with
VEE (and not the HPIB with LabView). Should it work only using the
Any experience?

Thank you for your help

gianfranco durin
Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris Massimo d'Azeglio, 42 I - 10125 Torino Italy
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